Top Tips On Designing Your Customized Sweatshirt

Top Tips On Designing Your Customized Sweatshirt

Marawan GhanemFeb 2, '21

Sweatshirts are an excellent addition to every guy’s wardrobe. There is nothing better than the warmth and coziness of a sweatshirt customized to fit your style.

They are ideal for those chilly winters. Or, if you want to add a dash of casual flair to your style, rocking a sweatshirt with a collared tee would be great.

Customization is what helps transform a simple sweatshirt into interesting outerwear. Before customizing your Die hard sweatshirt, make sure to give these tips a thought.

Choose your style

Pullover and zip hoodies are two different types of hoodies available in the market. It makes sense that you pick your style first before customizing one.

If you have a sports event to attend, then zip-up hoodies are a better choice. With zip-up hoodies, you can keep the zip open according to your choice.

On the other hand, pullover hoodies are a better choice for winters. They can be worn as individual wear, meaning you need not wear anything underneath.

Plan out a design

Once you figure out your style, it is time to plan a design. Whether you want to design your sweatshirt for a promotional event or you have a friend’s reunion party, design according to your need.

If you are customizing your sweatshirt for personal use, then think of a design that reflects your true self. If you plan to give out a message of peace, then think of a symbol related to it.

Keep the design simple

Customization never goes wrong if you choose to keep the design simple. You do not want to ruin the look by choosing intricate designs. Choose a design that delivers the message without going overboard. Think of something simple that helps you to enhance your look in a sweatshirt.

Use right colors

The color of the fabric of your sweatshirt and the color of the design should match each other. They should complement in order to give you a confident look. If you choose light colors for your sweatshirt, then it is wise to go for a darker shade for the design. Picking complementary colors helps you to easily stay out of the crowd.

If you want to design your sweatshirt for your brand, make sure that the brand logo is prominent. In that case, opt for a bright-colored hoodie.

Another point to keep in mind is that the colors for your customized sweatshirt represent your style and personality. If you want your sweatshirt to be calm, then choosing soft and neutral colors would do the trick.

The size of the image

The size of the design matters. When you print the design on the sweatshirt, it will look different from the actual image. Make sure the dimensions are right. Also, check with the printer whether the final size will be visible on the outfit. Keep visibility and clarity in mind while printing the design.