Tips to design the best custom T-shirts or hoodies

Tips to design the best custom T-shirts or hoodies

Marawan GhanemNov 18, '21

People of all ages wear hoodies. From young children to their grandparents, the hoodie doesn’t just provide warmth but is an integral part of one’s style. Rather than wearing plain hoodies, some people prefer them personalized.

Whether it is a part of a uniform, sports team, or brand promotional item, automotive t shirts are an addition to your wardrobe. You can also choose to customize your hoodies to make them unique. In addition, as a family, you may choose to personalize hoodies to give a sense of togetherness.

These tips help you make the right decisions when deciding how best to customize your hoodies.

Do You Prefer a Hoodie with A Zip or A Pullover?

Before deciding on the graphics, it is essential to establish the type of custom hoodie you prefer. The pullover hoodie is worn as you would your t-shirt. It is awesome to wear one on a cold day. The hoodie with a zipper is similar to the jacket. So, when you want to, you can wear it with the zip open.

When customizing hoodies, especially for marketing purposes, you must ensure the logo and text is fully visible. The pullover hoodie gives you greater flexibility. However, you need to ensure the details remain visible on the hoodie with a zipper, whether the zipper is up or down.

Keep Your Central Message Simple.

When people spot your custom hoodie, they should be able to tell what you want them to read at a glance. Having a long message will not be as effective since those who see you will likely be moving. Even if the hoodie is for a specific event where you interact with people who have time to read the text, the message must be simple. 

Choose an Image That Relates to The Text.

A well-personalized custom hoodie does not leave one with more questions than answers. At a glance, people around you should know what you are communicating. For example, if you write the text “peace” and have an image that conflicts with the message, one may be left wondering if you have more to say.

The Colours of the Hoodie and Print Matter

Before buying a hoodie, it is essential to know the colors you will use for the design. If, for example, the custom hoodie is to market to a company and you intend to use the company colors, you need to choose a hoodie that will draw attention to the design.

However, if you are flexible and have no preferred design colors, you can choose your favorite hoodie and suitable color for the graphics.

Remember that a dark-colored design would look great on a light-colored hoodie and vice versa. So, for example, if you have a grey or white custom hoodie, you can use dark colors for the design to make it stand out.

Choose A High-Resolution Image.

The fabric of the custom hoodie can easily overwhelm an image with low resolution. So for the image to stand out, it needs to be of high resolution. Otherwise, you may end up with a blurred image.

Final Notes

When you get it right, a custom hoodie will not only enhance your wardrobe, but you will wear it confidently, knowing it enhances your style. In addition, if it is part of your company’s giveaways, clients will appreciate an attractive gift that is branded attractively. WeCustomPDX can meet all your casual wear design needs and pose as the perfect gift item for your friends and close ones.