T-Shirt Customization Tips For You To Buy Or Sell

T-Shirt Customization Tips For You To Buy Or Sell

Marawan GhanemFeb 9, '21

If you own a t-shirt business, you will know how important it is to make quality designs for t-shirts. While it may sound a little complicated, making your own gaming t shirt design does not have to be difficult. You do not have to have graphic design skills to create an eye-catchy t-shirt.

Find a theme

Do keyword and trend research before starting designing your own t-shirt. Before designing your own tee, verify whether the idea of the design has volume. See what designs are going to sell the most. Before spending time and resources on creating a design for a t-shirt, make sure you check what designs are popular. Look for the trends that are on-going.

In order to get a general idea, the first thing you want to do is have a glimpse of the image on Google search. Search for designs according to popularity and search volume.

Think about seasonal opportunities you may get to design a popular t-shirt for a special occasion.

When it comes to printing the design on the t-shirt, make sure to check how the design looks on the garment. When you choose a particular artwork for printing, be aware of borders or edges that may be invisible because it could botch up the job. Have a transparent conversation with your printer about your expectations for the end result.

Consider the color

Before getting into designing, be sure of the color of your tee. The next thing you want to ask is how many colors are available for printing.

Shirt color and options of ink color will impact your budget, making a major difference in how you want to approach the design.

If you wish to sell t-shirts on the online marketplace, limit the color options of shirt colors. Be careful with the elements of the color that you choose for the design.

Consider shirt fabrics

If you want consumers to rock your t-shirt design, quality fabric is what you want. Think about your target audience. Ask these questions:

  • What kind of t-shirts would they wear?
  • What is their choice when it comes to fabric?
  • Are they into sports or athletes?
  • Are they women, men, or kids?

Depending on the answers you get from the above-mentioned questions, make sure you try different fabric options, including fleece, cotton, polyester, etc.

The fabric you choose has an impact on inking. A fabric that is thinner can get heavy against the skin. It could feel bad if there is too much ink used. Make the design carefully. And decide what works with the decision most.

Customizing a t-shirt for whatever reason is a fun thing. Yet, you want to be careful with the process. Keep these tips in mind before you get too far into the design.