5 Trending Custom T-Shirt Design

5 Trending Custom T-Shirt Design

Marawan GhanemNov 12, '21

Custom t-shirts aren't much difficult to make; creating ones your audience will like can be challenging. One way to ensure custom t-shirts' popularity is to keep them trendy. How do you do that?

As trends emerge, so do trends in t-shirt designs. There are many factors determining automotive t shirts trends, such as popular movies, trending colors, global festivals. Keep your custom t-shirts cool so that your customers will wear them with enthusiasm for a long time.

Here are five trending t-shirt designs you will love

Trending Custom T-Shirt Designs

Simple, plain and basic text

Who doesn't like a good quote? So give your custom t-shirts more value with lovely quotes or a hilarious short joke that can make the wearer and who spot the t-shirt break into a smile.

If you are creating t-shirts with plain text for marketing, then all the better. You can come with a catchy, thoughtful, or humorous phrase or slogan that resonates with your audience. It is a trend that will stay for some time, considering every age group and gender will like it.

Text repetition

If you repeat a word or message, they are sure to remember it for a long time. So why not try the technique in your custom t-shirt too? Text repetition on your t-shirt is a certain way to get the point across and have your message heard clear and loud. It is a perfect design for custom t-shirts. You need to use a clear font that matches the nature of your message. Repeat it, and your t-shirt is ready.

Prints on pockets

It is an impressive way to get your message across. The pocket print is a popular design. It is subtle and stylish and allows enough space to showcase the message and logo. Everybody doesn't love to wear custom t-shirts that shout from the rooftop. You need to take care of only one thing that is your design is readable.

Art on your t-shirt

Get quirky styles with geometric designs and fun patterns to turn your custom t-shirt into a work of art. yellow, red, and blue are the primary colors that can add vibrancy, and they work great together as well. You can choose to use just a single, bright color along with a line drawing to create an amazing and classy t-shirt.

Go retro with fonts

Choose a funky font for the '60s and '70s vibe and give some bright colors and strange patterns. You have a stylish t-shirt widely popular.

First, choose the text and design and then choose a groovy font and bright colors, including red, blue, pink, or yellow. Remember to keep the message as the focal point while choosing the retro typography to stand out amidst all the colors.

When you are making custom t-shirts, you need to make sure you are well-versed with the trends. Designing trending t-shirts is one of the ways to ensure that the audience likes them and wears them for a long time.  If you are looking for good-quality t-shirts, We custom PDX will help you get the design right; get in touch with us.